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Recipe for 8 people

Preparation time: 40 minutes

Cooking time: +/- mn

Almond cream:

70g of butter
75g caster sugar
5 whole eggs
130 to 200g ground almonds
20g of cornflour
250g to 300g of prunes
amber rum

8 sheets of brick
Orange sauce:

1 / 2l of orange juice
1 or 2 sheets of gelatin
100g of sugar
Decor :

Take out the butter and let it soften.
Mix the butter with the sugar.
Then add the eggs one by one while beating constantly (the mixture must be smooth and homogeneous).
Add the almond powder at one time, then the cornflour.
Perfume with rum.
Pit the prunes, chop and incorporate them.
Put a little cream on each sheet of brick and close them in a pouch with the help of a toothpick.
Preheat the oven to 180 ° C.
Cook the puff pastry until golden brown.
Orange sauce:

Put the orange juice and sugar in a saucepan over low heat.
Let reduce.
Add the gelatin leaves.
Let cool.
The pastry will be served warm, accompanied by its orange sauce.

Sprinkle with a light cocoa veil.