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Sachets of

dried fruits

In addition to the prune, we offer a range of dried fruits: apricots, figs, grapes. Good for health, they bring you vitamins and minerals daily.


It is highly recommended for athletes by its natural source of minerals before and after exercise. Rich in vitamin A, it promotes cell growth and strengthens the immune system during pregnancy. Rich in fiber, it has a beneficial action on intestinal function. Apricot has tonic properties for the skin with its integration in cosmetics.

Packaging of apricots


Figs have real healthy virtues, rich in fiber, minerals and vitamin B. They help to strengthen the bones, improves digestion and allow excellent energy intake. They can be consumed throughout the day but also associated with salty or sweet dishes.

Packaging of figs


Like all dried fruits, grapes are a good source of energy and are excellent anti-oxidants but also a source of calcium, iron, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamin B. In addition, grapes are present in the oriental diet as in some cuckoo and taboulé recipes.

Packaging of grapes