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Producer of Agen prunes since 1964

Transformer of dried fruits since 1964, we constantly improve our tool in order to propose products of high quality. Our site employs about 35 people for a turnover around 10 million euros.

Prunidor specializes in the processing and marketing of dried fruits such as Agen prunes, apricots, figs and grapes.

Our Bergerac site has been certified IFS (International Food Standard) since 2007 as well as Responsible Sourcing, BIO and IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) in order to best meet our customer requests.

carte igp pruneaux d'agen



Prunidor was founded in 1964 by a group of prune’s producers eager to develop a tool that would allow them to put on the market products of high quality. As of today, Prunidor counts 35 employees for a 10 million Euros turnover. Prunidor SAS is specialized in the processing and marketing of fleshy dried fruits such as Agen’s prunes, apricots, figs and raisins. Either dried or soft, sold in their entirety or processed, our fruits come from a traditional culture, from a sound or even organic agriculture depending on our clients’ quality specifications.



Our site located in Bergerac has been IFS certified since 2007 as well as Qualité France SA since 2002 for the manufactured based on products coming from organic farming. Anxious to bring the highest possible security to our clients, our quality control assures a total traceability of our line of products from the producer to the end product.

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