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Recipe for 8 people. Preparation time: 1h15. Cooking time: 30 minutes


250g of flour
125g of butter
5g of salt
5g of sugar
10cl of water
1 egg
Choux pastry

150g of flour
100g of butter
5g of salt
10g of sugar
1 / 4L water
4 whole eggs
Whipped cream

1 / 2L of whipping cream
75g icing sugar
For maceration

1 big handful of prunes
For the hypocras sauce

1 glass of sugar
1 glass of hypocras water + 1 quart of macerated prunes
Macerate the prunes in the rum, cinnamon and sugar mixture.
Make a broken dough, spread it out and cut out a 25cm circle
Make a dough with cabbage: with a pastry bag, trace with this paste on the circle of pastry broken) 6/7 cm from the edge the support for whipped cream. Bake 30 minutes at 200 ° (th.7). Cook the puffs separately. Then stick them all around with caramel.
Mix the macerated prunes, dilute with a little hypocras. Take 3/4 of the prunes mixed, add to the whipped cream and place it in the center.
Make the hypocras sauce: make a caramel with the glass of water and the glass of sugar. Off the heat, add a little hypocras, the cream, and a quarter of the remaining prunes.
Serve this dessert, accompanied by its hypocras sauce.
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